A New Approach to Global Energy Management

View energy management in a whole new way. Our innovative model gets you from planning to savings faster, drives continuous performance, and grows with your business using cost effective and scalable services.

Continuous Efficiency

Working together to reduce risk, maximize profits

Our partnership with our clients is the backbone of our business. It leads to greater trust, shared knowledge, and collaborative strategy to better meet client goals. See how our energy experts helped organizations optimize energy and operational savings, reduce risk, and maximize profitability.

  • Large retailer Case Study
  • Food producer Case Study
  • Optimizing our own facilities Case Study
  • Cosmetics giant Case Study
  • A custom approach delivers more value

    Let our energy experts design a Continuous Efficiency program to meet your organization’s unique needs and deliver a strong ROI.

  • Utility Management: Gain complete utility usage transparency and intelligence to help reduce consumption and costs.
  • Facility Management: Identify the equipment and systems most in need of improvement and quantify the impact.
  • Operations Management: Improve the performance and efficiency of your entire enterprise.
  • Let's discuss your project


    It's like having an energy manager at every site

    It takes more than just software to truly optimize savings. Our global team of remote energy experts interprets and acts on data to boost energy and operational efficiency.

    Watch the demo to see how we help clients turn data into business success

  • Identify energy conservation opportunities at the site and group level
  • Uncover the root cause of comfort concerns and HVAC maintenance issues
  • Track savings from implementated measures

  • Want to see more?

    Download sample reports to see how we make data actionable.

    Taming the data explosion

    Continuous Efficiency starts with understanding. The amount of data available is growing rapidly. The average company generates more than 20 million energy and sustainability data points every year. However, data can be scattered and hard to use. 66% of data is stored in disparate systems and less than 1% of global data is leveraged to make decisions. We can help you make efficient and effective choices.

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